We are a trusted, long established Adelaide law firm with extensive experience across a range of practice areas. Our firm boasts one of Adelaide’s few Family Law Accredited Specialists.

Our core values focus on providing expert legal advice and practical, cost-effective solutions for our clients. We are compassionate and transparent in all dealings, ensuring that our clients are equipped with the information and clarity necessary to make informed decisions that will impact their future.

We are experienced negotiators promoting mediation as a first option, yet having extensive knowledge of and experience in court systems with strong advocacy skills should litigated proceedings become necessary or unavoidable.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Tolis & Co have helped me progress through several matters over the years, and the reason I would recommend them to people is not only for the skills Mr Aris Tolis brings to the table, but also the team he has behind him.

I have always been treated with respect and compassion during all of my meetings, and having Mr Joseph Behar working alongside has been an absolute blessing. A true gentleman that will help anyone in a time of need, whilst also providing information in a way that anyone could understand what is happening with their legal matter.

Michael D

I would like to thank you and everyone on your team for the great work that you have done on my affairs. This proved to be more difficult than I had expected it to be and was very challenging emotionally, particularly because of the nature of some of the correspondence received from the other side. So I was grateful for the consistently clear, rational and sensible advice I received that enabled us to finally reach an agreement. In the end, I felt that the final agreement was fair, and I consider this to be a good result.

Once again, many thanks.

Derek M

The Tolis & Co Team made this process as comfortable as it could be by ensuring open communication, prompt correspondence and clear explanation which helped reduce my anxiety around the unknown.

It’s evident that the team know their stuff and were able to anticipate and prepare for various possible outcomes. They work well together, come prepared and are on the forefront for anything that was thrown at them.

I value the care, compassion and genuine vested interest they had in fighting for the best possible outcome.

Extremely thorough, highly organised, upmost professionalism and well versed with the family court system.

Can highly recommend to anyone needing legal advice.

Sofia S

Amazing! The experience, communication and the ability to keep you feeling “in the loop” was incredible!

I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. They were incredibly knowledgeable and never stopped keeping you informed. The amount of knowledge was at times overwhelming but it made you feel confident. This made a somewhat daunting few tasks become ones of ease.

I can’t thank you guys enough. In a roundabout way I hope I don’t need you guys again but if I ever do I know where I’m going!

Thank you so much

Jarrad R

Dimitra has represented me over the years in court and shown she has the best interest of her client/clients in hand

The respect I have for Tolis & Co goes above and beyond

The approach Dimitra and her trusted colleagues represents is a family orientated approach which I admire and hold dear

I would recommend Tollis & Co to anybody who is seeking a professional and honest approach

In truth straight up!

Michael T

I love the fact that they are empathetic and take my best interests into complete and total consideration.

I felt empowered and supported and now have a voice thanks to this incredible firm.

Highly recommend.

And thank you with all you done and keep doing for me.

Terase M

Dimitra handled my case recently which was a success. Her professionalism and knowledge stood out from the first time I met her. As a single mum going through a separation everything seems like a mountain and very daunting. Dimi made me feel confident, and clear about everything so I never hesitated about our case. Thank you Dimi, Nadia and the team for your support and care you have given me and my daughter.

Josie C

Legal issues can put a huge strain on a persons well being and i have carried that burden for too long. After speaking to this practice for the first time i was able to switch off, and have a good nights sleep.

I can recommend this firm to anyone experiencing legal issues as i was highly impressed by the openness and support with the issues concerning my experience. i can honestly say i would have benefited from this experience not only in relation to my legal issues but in having a trusted team that has significantly reduced the stress and anguish of my situation.

Chris M

So professional – knowledgeable, professional and patient with a very stressed client who walked out feeling calm and empowered. Would highly recommend and am thankful to the Tolis team!

Nicole M

I cannot express enough gratitude and thanks to the way you have conducted yourself, guided and represented me in my family court matter. Today has resulted in the best outcome I could have ever anticipated and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you for your ongoing professionalism and prompt responses throughout this whole process. It is quite clear that between you all there is a strong collective knowledge of how the court system works and you have used this knowledge to put me in the best possible position as well as anticipate any possible outcome to plan ahead for how it might unfold. It’s also clear how well you work together as a team and always ensuring there were open communication lines with whomever I spoke with.

Sofia S

Thank you so much for helping me with my child support! You do your job ethically, professionally & humanely as anyone I know! –

Glenn L

My family and I would like to thank you so much for everything that you have done regarding our Dear Mother’s Estate. We’re forever grateful.


We would like to thank you Aris and all your staff that assisted with the outcome for Jana’s settlement. Aris a big thank you to you for your generosity!!


Thank you for being “Team Karin”. SA Health – WCH played hard ball – we played true, stayed the course – won victory.

Karin K

Thank you for everything you have done. Your thoughtfulness and your kindness will always be remembered and appreciated Job well done!!


My sincerest thanks to you and your team for the endless fight for myself and my children. You helped me achieve an outcome I never thought was possible. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak, my strength when I was weak and my heart when I thought it stopped beating. Your work isn’t unnoticed, and knowing the sleepless nights I had, you were also having the same fighting for the best outcome, giving me the best advice always.

I pray you realise how many families have each other because of your love and amazing work. I have my babies because of you and I am forever thankful!

With love from the bottom of my heart


Dear Karen 🌼

Thank you for never making me feel like I called too many times.

Dear Leo 💪

Thank you for tirelessly going above and beyond.

Dear Dimitra 🌺

Thank you for always believing in me.

With warm regards,


Andrea has been an absolute amazing contributor along with Aris in helping me through the matter I have been going through. I had previously had other legal representation and going from them to Andrea and Aris showed me how I needed their depth of knowledge and support to get me through this rough time and they made it so easy and really had my best interests at heart the entire time. I could not have asked for a more amazing team to represent me!
Thank you so much to you all such an amazing team!


Thank you all for all the assistance and work towards my matter this year.  For your expertise, dedication, guidance and even a kind shoulder to cry on. Your unwaivering support has been greatly appreciated.


Being involved with everyone at Tolis and Co has been an absolute pleasure, and your professionalism and friendliness has been much appreciated.

Sylvia G