How Mediation Can Help Resolve Your Family Law Matter

Mediation is a valuable and widely utilised method for resolving legal matters. This alternative form of dispute resolution is particularly valuable when it is desirable to maintain a relationship with the other party after the dispute, as is often the case in family...Read More

Common Family Law Fallacies

If you are in the unfortunate situation of going through a break-up you have probably heard all sorts of ‘advice’ from well-meaning friends and family. Family and friends are a great source of emotional and practical support when you have separated, however good legal...Read More

Family Law Property Settlements

Is a 50/50 split the starting point? Following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, it is common for separated parties to be unsure and therefore anxious about their entitlements in a property settlement and the assets they are likely to retain. This...Read More

Social Media & Your Family Law Dispute

Antonella Rodriguez – Associate  Social Media Presence is Evidence Social media is an intrinsic part of modern life and many of us love to share intimate aspects of our lives with our friends and family through these platforms – family photos, career news,...Read More

Court Etiquette for Litigants

Antonella Rodriguez – Associate Your first appearance in court can feel like a daunting experience. You will be walking into an unfamiliar environment and there are rules and customs that are observed that may not be familiar or apparent to you. We have put...Read More

Moving in together? Are we now in a de facto relationship?

Just because a couple is living together it does not automatically mean they are in ade facto relationship. There are many different factors in determining whether twopeople are living in a de facto relationship, such as whether they share bankaccounts,are in a sexual...Read More